Interview Scenario and Data


## Role and Responsibility

– You are the marketing strategy team leader at ㈜파인바이오, located domestically.

– You are also responsible for leading the marketing team at ‘Neo Bio Tech.’ located in Texas, USA, which was acquired in September 2019.

## About Neo Bio Tech.

– Specializes in supplying essential antibodies needed for Alzheimer’s treatments.

– Has a solid trade line based on over 30 years of research. 

  – As of January 2019, 12 out of 17 companies producing Alzheimer’s treatments use Neo Bio Tech. antibodies.

– The U.S. sales for Neo Bio Tech. are expected to reach 600 billion won in 2020, and this trend is expected to continue for the next 2-3 years.

– The success story of Neo Bio Tech. in the U.S. market is anticipated to be a crucial stepping stone for ㈜파인바이오’s expansion into the Asian market.

## Expansion Plans

– ㈜파인바이오 aims to enter the Chinese market and has formed a marketing task force (TF) for the same.

– You lead this TF, which includes members from Neo Bio Tech. It’s your first TF activity after the acquisition, leading to many considerations on how to approach this role.

## Internal Challenges

– Majority of Neo Bio Tech., including its R&D team, hasn’t been significantly disturbed by the acquisition.

– However, there’s an unconfirmed rumor within the Neo Bio Tech. marketing team that they might be replaced by ㈜파인바이오 personnel, leading to a negative atmosphere.

– ㈜파인바이오 has considered restructuring the workforce but hasn’t made a decision. Significant turnover in the marketing team can pose a long-term risk, especially given the dependency on key trade lines.

# Data

## Kevin (44 years old)

– Background: Joined as a fresher and has 14 years of experience. Holds 60% of the organizational trade line. Served as a team leader until 2017.

– Characteristics: Key member in the team. Extremely sensitive to monetary rewards. Driven and prefers to work on standalone projects. Limited collaboration with others.

– Notes: Top candidate for competitors to headhunt. Satisfied for now but might switch if offered better perks.

## Chris (37 years old)

– Background: Joined with prior experience and has been with the company for 5 years. Manages 25% of the organizational trade line. Hired from a competitor in 2014.

– Characteristics: Values position and recognition more than monetary rewards. Has a broad market perspective. Risk-averse and tends to avoid challenging tasks.

– Notes: In competition with Kevin. Feels a bit insecure about his position due to the merger. Has 2 years of experience in China.

## Elisa (28 years old)

– Background: Joined as a fresher and has 3 years of experience. Handles 10% of the organizational trade line. Considered a core asset to the team.

– Characteristics: Enjoys challenges and change. Strong-minded but often goes with the team’s decisions. Always positive and takes pride in the company.

– Notes: Her father was an executive in Neo Bio Tech.’s research division, giving her extensive product knowledge.

## Ben (47 years old)

– Background: Joined as a fresher and has 19 years of experience. Oversees 5% of the organizational trade line. Senior in the team but with low performance.

– Characteristics: Energetic and active. Plays a crucial role in team morale. Has strong bonds with clients but lacks motivation in work aspects.

– Notes: Introduced Kevin to the company, and the two share a close bond. Talks about the company potentially closing down.