Automatic Item Generation

Automatic Item Generation (AIG) is an innovative development and management strategy that integrates cognitive and psychometric theories for futuristic assessment services in the digital framework (Bejar, 1993; Choi, 2017; Embretson & Yang, 2007; Gierl & Haladyna, 2013; Irvine & Kyllonen, 2002). Within an AIG framework, a computerized item model composed of specialized computer codes/modules is utilized for the machine to systematically generate massive, high-quality digital items/assessments in digital or Information and Communication Technology (ICT) environments. AIG provides several innovative digital solutions to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional assessment development/management process in which human item writers manually create, review, analyze and modify individual items, which is a slow, expensive and often subjective procedure (Choi, 2017).