Automatic Item Generation (AIG: Bejar, 1993; Embretson & Yang, 2007; Gierl & Haladyna, 2013; Irvine & Kyllonen, 2002) is an assessment theory and practice that integrates cognitive/psychometric theories with digital technologies for futuristic assessments. AIG provides innovative solutions to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional approach — in which human writers manually create, review, revise, and analyze individual items — which is a slow, expensive, and often subjective procedure.

The essence of AIG is Computerized Item Modeling (CIM) which is an approach to program Item Model for a machine to strategically generate a large amount of high-quality digital items. AIG is a symbolic technique/theory of the initial step, the so-called “item-to-item model” transition, for the digital transformation of assessment. (Choi, 2017)