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What is Automatic Item Generation (AIG)?

Automatic Item Generation (AIG: Bejar, 1993; Embretson & Yang, 2007; Gierl & Haladyna, 2013; Irvine & Kyllonen, 2002) is an assessment theory and practice that integrates cognitive/psychometric theories with digital technologies for futuristic assessments. AIG provides innovative solutions to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional approach in which human writers manually create, review, revise, and analyze individual items which is a slow, expensive, and often subjective procedure.

The essence of AIG is Computerized Item Modeling (CIM) which is an approach to program Item Model for a machine to strategically generate a large amount of high-quality digital items. AIG is a symbolic technique/theory of the initial step, the so-called \”item-to-item model\” transition, for the digital transformation of assessment. (Choi, 2017)

What is CAFA AIG?

CAFA AIG (CAFA Lab, Inc., 2012) system is a futuristic computerized item modeling toolkit for conducting research and development of digital assessment projects such as Computer Adaptive Formative Assessment, Learning Analytics Platform, Intelligent Assessment/Learning Agent. CAFA AIG allows users to incorporate various digital technologies to effectively and efficiently develop computerized item models that can generate large quantities of assessments strategically optimized in the digital environment.

CAFA AIG will evolve into a full-scale assessment tool including below functionalities:

  • assembling assessments with generated items
  • deploying the assessments to collect response data in both on- and off-line modes
  • conducting advanced psychometric analyses with the collected data

However, the current version of CAFA AIG focuses on the capability of developing item models and generating innovative digital item instances from them.

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