What is the unit rate of the following graph?

xyO(3, 15)

A. $1$
B. $\displaystyle \frac{1}{5}$
C. $3$
D. $5$
E. $15$


Alice has a rectangular garden which width is $7$ feet and length $9$ feet. She wants to divide her garden into two parts using a fence as in the following figure so that she can keep violet and purple flowers in two areas. How long should the fence be?
9 ft7 ft

A. 65 ft
B. 11.37 ft
C. 11.4 ft
D. 130 ft
E. 10.66 ft


What is the angle of $\text{A}$?


A. ${61}^{o}$
B. ${71}^{o}$
C. ${119}^{o}$
D. ${109}^{o}$
E. ${51}^{o}$


How many vertices does the following figure have?

A. $9$
B. $7$
C. $4$
D. $5$
E. $3$


A(n) white-tailed ptarmigan living on the tundra is a consumer, and has feather that changes color with the seasons.
The above description is an example of an organism's _________________.

A. species
B. ecosystem
C. community
D. adaptation
E. niche


How many of objects are in the figure below?

Count Problem Count Problem Count Problem Count Problem Count Problem Count Problem Count Problem

A. $4$
B. $7$
C. $9$
D. $6$
E. $8$


The followings are two column graphs that show Mike's scores of four subjects in a midterm and a final exam. Which subject did Mike improve most?

A. Science
B. Arts
C. Government
D. Math
E. None


The following table shows $\left(x, \; y\right)$ values for a linear function. What is the slope of this function?

$x$ $y$
3 18
4 23
9 48
11 58

A. $6$
B. $1$
C. $3$
D. $15$
E. $5$


To which of the above boxplots does the following histogram correspond?

A. B
B. A
C. E
D. D
E. C


When there are $9$ points on the circle, how many triangles can be formed connecting three points?

A. $84$
B. $504$
C. $252$
D. $729$
E. $168$